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Bear Cave
Pellerito Cave

Buchanan, Michigan
Southwest Grand Rapids

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Caving, also known as spelunking, is the extreme sport of exploring caves. The world has a vast number of caves and not even half of them have been explored. Caving is a physical sport which may involve the following: climbing, walking, crawling, hiking, and swimming. Exploring unconquered caves is much more thrilling than exploring a cave where thousands of people have been. Many explorations take months of planning but spur of the moment trips are also possible if you have the necessary gear, knowledge of the cave and caving itself.

Caving can be very dangerous so adequate planning is required. Rescue attempts are difficult due to the terrain so be prepared in case of an emergency. Never go into a cave alone and without telling someone first. Preparation is extremely important when it comes to caving. That doesn't just apply to having the correct gear, it also applies to your experience and knowledge of caves. Caving can be extremely dangerous and it's not recommended you visit any cave without a guide, extensive research on the cave, mapping out your cave route beforehand and having the proper equipment. We are not responsible for your caving experience. We simply provide basic information about caves that is available throughout the internet.

Caves are natural wonders and should not be mistreated. DO NOT damage the natural creations caves have to offer. Unfortunately there are some who will ruin nature's beautiful creations for future generations. Many caves have been closed to the public to preserve them due to disturbances to the cave and wildlife. This ruins the experience for future explorers so please be respectful of nature. Remember you may be entering into an animal's home (bats, snakes, spiders, etc) and just like any home you visit all respect should be given. As always, do not leave any trash in the area of the cave; take more trash than you bring.

Bear Cave

The Cavern:
• Only cavern in the Great Lakes area
• Formed in tufa rock; secondary limestone
• 15 feet deep
• 6 feet wide
• 15 feet high

Not Found

4085 Bear Cave Road
Buchanan, Michigan 49107

Phone: (269) 695-3050

Open from May to October
Pellerito Cave

Gypsum Solutional Cave

The Cave:
• Small Cave
• Named after the man who first entered it: Russell Pellerito
• Formed by percolation of water
• Discovered in the mid 1970's during mining operations

Not Found

• Southwest Grand Rapids
• Near Butterworth Drive

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