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Red Sky Surf & Snow

Toledo, Ohio

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Kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding) has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Kitesurfing is a surface water sport which utilizes the power of the wind with a kite while riding a kiteboard. Using a kite allows the surfer to ride practically anywhere on the open water. Records of more than one hundred miles have been recorded. With kitesurfing, the sport of surfing is no longer restricted to the waves the ocean throws ashore. Most kitesurfing takes place along ocean shores but the sport is not limited to the ocean. Large lakes are also a great place to kitesurf.

Red Sky Surf & Snow
Kitesurfing in Ohio
Toledo, Ohio 43606

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Equipment used in Kitesurfing

Equipment includes a wetsuit, helmet, harness, board leash, life vest, GPS, safety hook knife, flying lines, control bar, anemometer (wind strength meter), and signaling devices (radio, whistle, horn, cell phone, emergency position indicating radio beacon).


There are many different features the various kite designs offer. The Leading Inflatable Kites (also known as LEI kites and C-kites) available are bow kites, hybrid (SLE kites), and foil kites. LEI kites are most popular as they give the rider the most overall control. Different kite sizes are generally used for the wind conditions present. Smaller kites are used with strong winds and larger kites are used with light winds. Most avid kitesurfers will have a few different kite sizes and one or more kiteboards. Having more than one kiteboard will depend upon the style of the boarder.


There are many different kiteboard options to choose from. Board varieties include surfboards, longboards, wakeboards, surf style boards, hybrid boards, twin tip boards and skim type boards. Choosing the type of board will depend upon which style and skill level the kitesurfer will use. Foot straps are necessary for off board tricks and bindings are needed for wakeboarding tricks.

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